Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Spring Festival Couplets - Chun Lian

You may want to look at Greg Choong's photo of "Chun Lian & Red Latterns". The origin of chun lian is given in this article from Australia's Chinatown. Pure Insight provides this information.

Some couplets are written using simple characters, but I have nto yet found a complete pair that is good for beginners. I will keep loooking. You may be able to write these:

Lǎoshào píng'ān –All is well.

Dà jí dà lì – Good luck and great prosperity; expression of good wishes.

Dàdìhuíchūn – Spring has returned to the land.

Watch your stroke order please - they will look so much better! Here's the glossary:

lǎo - old
shào - few, little
老少 lǎoshào - the old and young
píng - level, even
ān - still, quiet
平安 - safe & sound

dà - big
jí - lucky, auspicious
大吉 - great, good fortune
lì - benefit, profit

大地 - earth, mother earth, world
- return
- spring (season)
回春 - bring back to life

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