Thursday, January 12, 2006

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Chinese New Year Parade photos

Enjoy photos from previous years' San Francisco Chinese New Year parades. Not from New Year's - but here is a video slip of a Parade Dragon.

Other photos:Lion dancers must show their courage by dancing close to the exploding firecrackers. The dancing unicorn is distinguished by its narrow horselike jaw. The feisty red-faced lion prepares to solve a ritual puzzle. The shaggy yellow costume of the northern lion totally conceals the dancers who perform an entertaining acrobatic show

Download CNY music: Popular Spring Festival songs in both MP3 and Midi formats. It is mostly in Chinese but the song titles and download links are also in English.

Study the Lunar Calendar: I can email you a copy of a 2006 lunar calendar. Write me at

Make a Calendar for the upcoming year. Other important Chinese holidays include: Summer Solstice, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Winter Solstice. For more on Chinese festivals and holidays, see:

Printable Calendar pages (Western months, not lunar)

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Paul said...

Thanks for the interesting information. I think that I'll post a Dog on my blog on the 29th.