Sunday, February 24, 2008

Got storage?

Is anyone - preferably in Northern NJ - interested in some Chinese New Year decoration, etc. ? especially from Year of the Pig? Some of us have collected more than we can store and would be willing to pass them on.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy New Year (2008/4706)

The US Postal Service had their Chinese New Year stamps available in advance this year - in case anyone wanted to sue them to send New Year's cards or hong bao!

Google has a string of firecrackers on their search pages.

In China, at least the Guanzhou government seems to have really stepped up to make Chinese New Year better for those who could not get home to their families. More child-friendly, China view has some nice celebration pictures. I especially like page 2.

BBC has the Lunar New Year: In Pictures. I like the close-up of making dumplings.

This year, I discovered, I am not keeping up wit the times. tjmommy has the video and mixed media list of Chinese New Year.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Year of the Rat stamps

Photos and pictures of the new Year of the Rat stamps are all over.

I really like China's Year of the Rat stamp this year. Xin hua net's pictures

Singapore calls their Year of the Rat stamp charming. I could not find a good picture of the Australian Year of the Rat stamp. Although Rat is first, the Rat Wraps up Canada Post's Lunar Stamp Series of 12 stamps.

The USA is starting a new series -- but it seems you really have to be in the know to recognize this is a Year of the Rat stamp. Sometime, maybe they will issue them & get them to post offices early enough for people to use them when they send out New Year's cards & any hong boa to relatives farther away. Official Press Release and USPS fact sheet.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Disney: Year of the Mouse

I actually find Mickey banner with him all dressed up "Chinese" that Shanghaiist and other have on their sites, cute. However, I am saddened at Disney's success in cashing in. They have more than 70 "Year of the Mouse" pieces on sale at Hong Kong Disneyland (Chinese site). Laughing Place has an artice on Year of the Mouse at Disney (USA& Hong Kong) with pictures for English speakers.

Hot Toys has at least 2 sizes of Disney "Year of the Mouse Collectibles. I saw them first at onesixthwarriors (11 inch and 1/6th scale "action figures"). They are scheduel to come our 2nd Quarter. Official photos:

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tibetan New Year

This year Chinese New Year and Tibetan New Year coincide and begin on February 7th. According to the Tibetan calendar, the year 2008 will be the year of "Tushu" or "earth rat".