Friday, January 26, 2007

Paperfold Pigs

"Origami" is a Japanese term, but paper folding is also a Chinese activity. Some say that it originated in China. Here's The World's Largest Origami Pig. If you want to fold - or teach others - try these directions:
  • The classic "Pig face" that even the youngest can fold is in "Origami in Motion".
  • A different pig's head
  • A little more complex is this standing Pig.
  • Jung's standing Pig (not quite the wild boar fold that I adore).
  • Different ** pig directions with no photo.
Some origami animals can free-standing. I also like gluing them to paper or cardstock to make greeting cards - certainly it is hard to figure out what else to do with some of the animal faces that even the youngest can make.

For more see my Musical Mandarin Paperfolding entry.

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