Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Coloring Pages

Tiger Coloring Pages

Dragon Dance Coloring Page
Pair of Chinese Lions (detailed)
Chinese New Year Lion Dance Coloring Page

CNY Paraders

Detailed Dragon
Chinese Parade Coloring Pages
abcteach's Chinese parade dragon
This page includes a Parade Dragon

Coloring Page: Pagoda
Coloring Page: Panda

CNY Boy in Traditional CostumeZodiac Animals
Fu character - good luck
Another Fu
New Year characters
Prosperity character
The 12 zodiac animals
Pig page

37 coloring pages from amazing clipart - The images are not labeled, but my favorites include: fish (#11), pictures with characters (#19 and 20), dragons (#8, 16, 23), and the 12 zodiac animals (#26-37). Sadly, eight or ten of the images, including one dragon seem to be copies from the Chinese Parade coloring pages, and the parade dragon seems to come from abcteach.

There is more online if you are looking for Crafts for CNY, Chinese "games" for 3-9s, Chinese Games, Chinese New Years songs, or CNY lesson plans. abcteach.com, edhelper, and enchantedlearning.com all have more things - some free and more for their subscribers.

last updated: 2/2007

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