Thursday, January 12, 2006

Research for Older Children

  • Create a Chinese New Year timeline of what happens when. The time line should probably go from lunar dates 12/16 (or at least 12/24) to 1/15. When does the Kitchen God go to Heaven? When are there Lion Dances?
  • Compare and contract New Year celebrations around the world. Or Chinese New Year with their own celebrations.

  • Research Lion Dances and Dragon Dances. Compare and contrast.
  • Research Lantern Festival (1/15 lunar). It is also called “Yuan Hsiao Chie” (the Festival of the Night of the First Full Moon) although “Lantern Festival” is the English name. The Lantern Festival began during the Han Dynasty (206B.C. - A.D.220). Have students research important events that occurred during that period and make a time line. Resources include:

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