Monday, January 24, 2011

Year of the Rabbit: February 3rd

Are "rabbits" the happiest. gentlest of the zodiac signs?
Are crafts for the "Year of the Rabbit" the most adorable?

Rabbit Crafts
Preschool & up:

DLTK has 3 different "toilet paper roll" rabbits for ages 3 and up:
  • Rabbit (Easter) Toilet Paper Roll Craft
  • Rabbit TP Roll Craft #2
  • Rabbit TP Roll Craft #3
DLTK Paper Bunny basket/decoration

Coloring Pages
Elementary crafts
at least middle school?
how about some fun kirgami? Rabbit driving
cut paper: Rabbit with carrot

Advanced crafting:
You may also want to see - and share with your students/children what expert papercutters can do. I adore this bunny at aj panda. (Reminded me of the "pulling turnip" song: "Ba Loubo").

Many of the crafts from other years are also applicable. Do search the site for ideas!

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